OPL provides expert advice and interventions to build and sustain workforce agility

  • Does your organisation have the agility to respond to change and uncertainty?
  • Does your workforce have the skills and adaptability to tackle the challenges ahead?
  • Are your teams and your services ‘change ready’ and resilient?

A critical foundation block for organisational stability and responsiveness is the agility, productivity and utilisation of your workforce. OPL provides expert advice and interventions to build and sustain workforce agility.

Based our extensive experience and expertise in skill and competency management and development, we have designed a proven methodology to improve workforce capability, performance, resilience and agility.

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New Project with Shell Commercial Academy (SCA)

We are pleased to announce that we have started a new project to support Shell Commercial Academy with its candidate competency and capability assessment.

This follows on the success we have had with Shell’s Project Academy (SPA). We started working with them in 2013, putting in our software to help up to 5000 candidates to record their competencies and evidence as well as an in-depth record of their projects history. Around 600 candidates a year apply for one of 4 levels of Shell accreditation.

With the help of our colleagues at The Project academy Ltd (TPA) SPA candidates can use their level 2 accreditation to apply for Chartered membership of the Association of Project Management. OPL put in a major upgrade to SPA’s software in 2018, it’s this upgraded version that has caught the interest of the team at Shell’s Commercial Academy. The software for the Commercial Academy is now being rapidly developed to record commercial competencies and deal history for candidates who might wish to apply for Shell internal accreditation. The new system is due to launch in April, with up to 1000 candidates building their skills profiles and developing their capability.

This new system will be a huge advance on the Excel and paper-based process they previously used. Our latest software will allow Shell to double the throughput of candidate assessments, as was the case with SPA, thanks to the unique and bespoke simplicity of our software and administrative dashboard.

OPL leads research consortium and releases report on ‘Trends in Competency Management’

As an expert in Competency and Capability Management (CCM), OPL has developed the CCM Index which measures individual organisations against their sector peers and sector versus sector. 

When we decided to undertake research into the impact of competency management, we anticipated that we would find a strong correlation with better corporate performance; however the magnitude of what we found bowled us over.

We released our ‘Trends in Competency Management’. The title and writing style may be dry, but for executives of large organisations the content is exciting.

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2018 Customer Survey Results

Last year we conducted an intimate survey of our client base to establish perception, feedback, and opinions relating to the services and solutions that we provide and how we provide them. 

We were extremely pleased with the results and wanted to say a very big thank you to those who took the time to contribute, as we appreciate how precious your time is.  

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