Products & Services

We provide expert consultancy and bespoke software solutions that deliver measurable and sustainable benefits in workforce planning, performance, resilience and agility.

OPL Software

Our bespoke systems provide the accurate and timely data at the touch of a button to enable effective competency, capability and resource management, from individual and team profiling to organisation-wide workforce planning. 

OPL has been providing agile and reliable ‘people software’ since 2002.  We have an exemplary record of ‘getting it right first time’ and delivering outstanding customer service, as evidenced in our latest Customer Survey.

Our software products include:

  • Employee Profiling
    Capture employee experience, qualifications, accreditations, professional memberships, expertise, psychometrics, hidden talents, career history and aspirations.
  • Competency Assessment
    Create a clear and shared understanding of the required competency ‘input’ for each role, enabling robust evaluation of current and future gaps, risks and opportunities.
  • Performance Management
    Document and monitor the required performance ‘output’ for each role, aligning individual targets to business plans and enabling robust evaluation of delivery.
  • Capability Development
    Align development to meet current and future requirements whilst empowering employees to own, develop and maintain their own personal ‘talent profile’.
  • Workforce Planning
    Analyse the skills, performance and potential of employees to identify opportunities to enhance the productivity, utilisation, agility and stability of your workforce.

All system data is hosted on secure, dedicated UK servers provided and managed by Rackspace, so set up is easier and no additional client IT resources are required.  We have achieved the rigorous G Cloud 11 security clearance, giving us approved software supplier status for government and public sector organisations.  

Our bespoke NET software is intuitive, easy to navigate and offers adaptive screen layout for use on laptops and tablets. Systems can be accessed via the web or via your existing staff portals (e.g. staff intranet) using single-sign-on.

System configuration is tailored to each client and user screens are branded with the relevant logos, colour schemes, fonts and terminology.  The agile design allows for changes and updates to be made easily and inexpensively, thereby ensuring that your system can remains up-to-date and truly fit-for-purpose.

Our system offers an API, enabling integration with other third-party systems, e.g. SAP, Oracle Workday. This ensure that data on OPL software aligns with your existing HR systems and allows for multiple data sources to be integrated to provide you with the bespoke dashboards and reports you need to make insightful and robust decisions. 

OPL Consultancy

  • Organisational Development
  • Business Transformation
  • System design, implementation and engagement

We have provided consultancy support to over 150 organisations, with some clients seeking our continued input on a variety of projects for 5, 10 and even 20 years.

Our consultancy can be provided as a standalone service or to support the design and implementation of our software products, ensuring user engagement and benefit realisation.

In the public sector we have supported leadership development programmes in central government and transformation and OD projects in local government, charities, housing associations and care providers.

In the private sector we have worked on culture change, reorganisation, corporate values, competency frameworks and process change projects in utilities, transport, engineering, construction, retail and legal services.

Our team now have both breadth and depth of experience and expertise to help organisations become more focused, raise delivery levels, skills, behaviours, resilience and agility to meet the challenges of the 2020s.

OPL’s consultancy services include:

  • HR, organisation design and development
  • Competencies and capability metrics
  • Talent management and career paths
  • Succession and workforce planning
  • Workforce agility and resilience
  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Team dynamics and development
  • Cultural change and development
  • Change management
  • Process improvement
  • System design, implementation and engagement
  • Psychometric and ability testing, inc SHL and MBTI